Habanero Super Duper Hot
Habanero Super Duper Hot
Habanero Super Duper Hot

Habanero Super Duper Hot

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Get your sweat glands involved in this. We are proud to champion the sharp and delicious habanero peppers for those who want to fire things up. The hand-picked habanero peppers are packed with fruity, citrus-like and unique flavors, which will surely inspire you to get on a new culinary adventure with a tad of silliness.


Why is it so amazing?

  • Each ingredient is locally grown and produced in New Jersey
  • Zero chemical preservatives
  • Naturally preserved using a blend of Himalayan salt, onions, garlic, and apple cider vinegar

Food pairings to try

Goes well with everything really, but with habanero’s burst of pungency, these heavenly pairings might just blow your mind:
Fried rice, Pizza, Margarita, Tofu, Taco

Also very important

Free from gluten, added sugar, nuts, and dairy, friendly for both vegans and non-vegans.


Spice Level: Super Duper Hot
    Net Weight: 5 oz
    UPC CODE 861152000320
    Refrigerate after opening 

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